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By jmossel
March 03, 2012
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Custom functional foot orthotics are a crucial part of providing support to your foot that is working abnormally.  When your feet are functioning inappropriately your body lets your brain know by providing you pain.  Heel pain, tendonitis, arch pain, and neuromas are just a few reasons why you have received your orthotics.  As a part of your treatment plan orthotics have allowed you to function in an improved position.  Patients have a history of stopping wearing their orthotics once their pain has been resolved and are usually shocked once the pain returns.  Remember orthotics do not provide a permanent change to your feet.  Think of your orthotics like a pair of glasses.  Without your glasses or contacts (and lack of surgery) you can not see when the glasses are on the top of your head.  The orthotics provide you support only when they are in your shoes. 

Once summer arrives I also see a return of symptoms due to changing to sandals during the warm weather.  Remember sandals can be custom made with your orthotics built into them or you would be suprised how often your current orthotics do fit into your sandals.  A good pair of sandals from THE SOLE such as NAOT or merrell will fit your orthotics or already provide enough support where they may not be needed. 

Do yourself a favor and stay in your orthotics!